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Questions and Answers

What makes your service reliable and high quality?

David Gregory has been trained by Mark Charity who established GreenwashUk in 2013. When David took over the business in 2021, he was equipped with experience and ways of working that would improve the business, making it increasingly reliable. Dave takes pride in delivering a high quality of service to maintain a professional standard by thoroughly cleaning bins inside and out. 


How do you clean my bins?
Greenwash Derby use an industrial high pressure washer and carry their our own water and power supply. This means Greenwash Derby can literally clean anything anywhere to a vey high standard.


Where do I leave my wheelie bin to be cleaned?

We ask that you leave your wheelie bin outside your property so it can be easily seen by David, preferably near the boundary line as requested by the council.  If you have a special circumstance requiring additional assistance, please speak directly to the office and we will do what we can to help.

What if the council do not empty my wheelie bin?

First login to your council website, for example, Derby City Council to inform them of your bin being missed. The council may empty the missed bin before the next cycle. If they do you can text us to let us know and we will confirm if we can slot the clean in for you. With all communication please include your address or reference number. 

What if my bin is effected by a Bank Holiday?

We will ensure your bin is still cleaned when they will be next emptied by the council. 


Why is it important I get my bin cleaned?

Wheelie bins can become dirty and smelly which attracts flies, maggots and other vermin. Your wheelie bins can become very unhygienic for the whole family, quickly resulting in the spread of germs and bacteria. Our wheelie bin cleaning service will help to eliminate these problems.

Why does it cost more for the first clean?

The first clean takes longer due to their condition, they usually require additional products and elbow grease. 

Why hasn’t my bin been cleaned?

It may be worth adding a house number to your bin/s, this reduces the chance of us cleaning the wrong bin.  If for some reason we are unable to clean your bin, we will inform you and you will not be charged.  

Why every 4 weeks? – bins most likely won't need cleaning bi-weekly but left longer than 4 weeks, often require a deeper clean again.  We find that a 4 weekly rota is the sweet spot between cleanliness and cost. 

What are the payment options?

We do not ask for advance payment, we are confident in the quality of service such that we will raise an invoice or ask for payment after the job is done. If you choose to pay in advance or by standing order and the bin is not cleaned for any reason, the credit is rolled over and will remain in your Greenwash Derby account for future cleans.  Rest assured that you pay for what you receive. 

Paying annually 

We can also accommodate customers who would prefer to pay in advance for 3, 6 or 12 month periods.  We understand this is easier for some people and are more than happy to oblige.  David will contact you regarding your renewal when your prepaid period has nearly ended.


What if I move house

If you move house, providing we cover your new area, we will happily transfer the credits over. Please advise us as soon as possible, so that we do not continue to clean at your old address.

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